About Us

Warisha Engineering is an Engineering Firm operating since 1995. We are primarily working in Food industries and several associated engineering technologies.

We are providing our services to several local and international companies. We are also providing solutions to consumer market.

Our motto is to bring state of the art technology in our country, create and manage research programs and provide education for our research programs to new comers.

Warisha Engineering is also providing latest technological information in a very easy and informative style. Their unique and easy to understand methodology has greatly appreciated from all corners of the world.

Warisha Engineering, with its decades long experience, helping several startups, fresh graduates and professionals in their relevant field.


Our mission is to make world a better place and we are striving our best everyday to make it happen.

Core Values

Warisha Engineering has one of the best moral and ethical values in business, trade, finance and engineering. Our working environment is multicultural, unbiased of any gender, race, nationality, religion or disability.