Bio-engineering is the activity of the growth technique, physical technique, mathematics and engineering assumption to explain and solve issue in biology, medicine, health care and other fields.
Bio-engineering is a comparably new discipline that combines many condition of classical engineering fields such as chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Synthetic hips, knees and other joints. ultrasound, MRI and other medical clarify procedure
using engineered creature for chemical and pharmaceutical assembly
Bio-engineering recipient are employed by a variety of organization, including medical device company, pharmaceutical association, regulatory agencies and medical research academy.

Bio-engineering graduates are prepared for advance study to pursue careers in medicine, law, business and other fields.adapted


Bio-medicine (i.e. medical biology) is a branch of medical science that applies biological and physiological principles to clinical practice.The branch especially applies to biology and physiology. Bio-medicine also can describe to many other division in health and biological analogous fields. It has been the commanding health system for more than a century.

It combine many biomedical control and areas of major that typically contain the “bio” adjunct such as molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, cell biology, embryology, nano-bio-technology, biological engineering, laboratory medical biology, cytology genetics, genetics,DNA analysis, bioinformatics, bio statistics, systems biology, neuroscience, microbiology, virology, immunology, telepathy, physiology, pathology, anatomy, toxicology, and many others that generally concern life sciences as applied to medicine.

Biomedical engineering salary

The average annual salary for biomedical engineers is $ 86,000. The average salary is the salary at which half the workers in an affair earned more than that amount and half earned less. The minimum 10 percent earned less than $50,000, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $105,620.

Molecular biology

Molecular biology is the process of synthesis and regulation of a cell’s DNA, RNA, and protein. Atomic biology subsist of different techniques including Polymer chain reaction, crystallize electroscopes, and macro-molecule blemish to shaft physically DNA.

Polymer group attitude is done by placing a concoction of the long for DNA, DNA polymer, primers, and augment bases into a machine. The machine heats up and cools at different temperatures to break the hydrogen bonds conclusive the DNA and compelling the nucleotide ground to be added upon the two DNA templates after it has been separated.

Crystallize electroscopes is a technique used to analyze comparable DNA between two exotic samples of DNA. This process is done by first qualifying an appear crystallize. This marmalade like sheet will have strong for DNA to be pardon. An electric ongoing is practiced so that the DNA, which is skeptically debited due to its phosphate groups is appeal to the positive electrode. Contrasting succession of DNA will move at different speeds as long as some DNA pieces are bigger than others. Thus if two DNA samples succession how a similar pattern on the crystallize electroscopes, one can tell that these DNA pattern contest.

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