Electronic Engineering

What is Electronic Engineering

Electronic engineering is a form of engineering incorporate with electronic circuits, devices and the equipment and arrangement that use authority.

Electronic engineering utilizes a combination of different types of electronic components from the more conventional analogue components through to digital electronic components, microchip and micro-controllers as well as programmable sense accessory. This means that electronic engineering can incorporate a considerable variety of different areas.

The field of electronic engineering includes a variety more specific electronic engineering fields including: analogue electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics.

Electronic engineering fields

What is electronic Engineering, it is necessary to understand that there are many different fields and disciplines involved within the overall topic.

Normally electronic engineers specialize in a particular field or area. This system that it is possible to select a circumstance field of concern.

Analogue electronic engineering

Analogue electronics is still a major part within the overall electronic engineering arena. With many analogue elements still being desired, analogue circuits are still extensively convert. During the time cognate engineering is not as large as it used to be many years ago before digital electronics draw off in a big way, the advance in the overall electronics market has reimburse for this. 

Radio frequency engineering

Radio frequency electronic engineering has developed in its size in current years. With many more systems using wireless links, everything from mobile phones to WiFi,  short range links and very much more, wireless technology is needed. properly radio frequency design is in great application.

Digital development engineering

Many functions are now attempted using digital approach. Accordingly many digital circuits are desired and this means that some digital / sense electronic engineering is essential. That said the requirement for digital engineers alone may not be as large as foreseen. The reason for this is that much sense circuitry these days is consummate within programmer sense chips.  

Programmable logic engineering

With the complication of many sense / digitally based circuits, an approach that is being used more is one where programmer sense chips are used. F P G As ( Field Programmable Gate Arrays ) and other programmings sense chips are widely used, permissive large amounts of sense to be integrated into programmings chips.


When considering a career as an electronic engineer, it is useful to discover what the career involves – whether it is what will be wanted and whether it can change as your career progresses.It is not possible to fully describe what an electronic engineer is, but it is possible to give a taste of what is involved; its positives (and the negatives) and the sorts of things involved and whether you can feel that becoming an electronic engineer is the correct career choice for you.

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