What is Force

In physics, a force is an communication that causes an affected object to be pushed or pulled in a positive direction. This results in an change to the state of the object’s energy. Forces causes objects to increase speed, add to the object’s overall pressure, different direction. The strength of a force is steady in Newtons (N).

A force is ever push, pull, or a twist, and it affects objects and pushing them up, pulling them down, pushing them to a side.

Newton’s Second Law

According to Newton’s Second Law of Motion.


F is the force,

m is the mass of an object.
a  is the acceleration of the object.

This formula add that when there is a force on an body then it will move faster and faster. If the force is weak and the body is heavy, then it will take a long time to boost the speed very much, but if the force is strong and the body is illuminated, then it will move a lot faster very fast.


Gravity is an increasing speed. Everything that has a mass is animation pulled toward the Earth on account of that increasing speed. This pull is a force called weight.


Advance to the standard gravity g, then a formula around the gravity on earth can be found:


{\displaystyle W} is the weight of an object,

{\displaystyle 9.8m/s^{2}}

m  is the mass of an object.
g  is the increasing speed due to gravity at sea level.

This formula says that when you know the mass of an object, then you can calculate how much force there is on the object because of gravity.Earth to use this formula. If you are on the moon or another planet, the formula but g will be different.

Force is a direction, so it can be stronger or weaker and it can also point in different directions. 

Gravitational force

 That says entity about gravity is.

{\displaystyle {F}={\frac {Gm_{1}m_{2}}{d^{2}}}}
{\displaystyle m_{1}}
{\displaystyle m_{2}}
{\displaystyle d}

F is force.

G is the gravity

which is used to show how gravity timing an object ; is the body of matter of one object;  is the mass of the second object; and is the distance between the objects.

This equation is used to calculate how the earth act around the sun and how the moon act around the earth. It is also used to accomplish how other asteroid, stars and complain in space act around.

The comparison says that if two objects are very heavy then there is a energetic force between them being of force of attraction. If they are very far apart then the force is powerless.

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