Mars Once Had a Vast Underground Water System


  •  Images of craters show there likey once were underground lakes on     Mars
  •  Researchers have published a study in the Journal of Geophysical     Research
  •  They also saw signs of minerals such as clay on Mars

   Scientists say images of craters taken by European and American space       probes show there likely once was a planet-wide system of underground lakes   on Mars.

Data collected by NASA and ESA probes orbiting the red planet provide the  first geological evidence for an ancient Martian groundwater system,  according to a study by researchers in Italy and the Netherlands published in  the Journal of Geophysical Research.

Francesco Salese, one of the scientists involved, said in an email Friday that   the findings confirm earlier models and smaller-scale studies, and that the   underground lakes may have been connected to each other.

The notion of water on Mars has long fascinated scientists because of the   possibility that the planet may have once harbored similar conditions to those  that allowed life to develop on Earth. Patches of ice previously spotted  on Mars  provide tantalizing hints of a watery past for the arid world.

Researchers said flow channels, pool-shaped valleys and fan-shaped       sediment deposits seen in dozens of kilometers-deep craters in Mars’     northern hemisphere would have needed water to form.

Co-author Gian Gabriele Ori said an ocean some scientists speculate Mars  may once have had between three and four billion years ago could even have  been connected to the underground lakes.

The researchers also saw signs of minerals such as clay on Mars that would   have required long periods of exposure to water to form. Ralf Jaumann, a   planetary scientist at the German Aerospace Center who wasn’t directly   involved in the study, said such sites are a good starting point for future Mars    landers to search for signs of ancient life.

However Jack Mustard, a professor of geological sciences at Brown     University who also wasn’t part of the study, questioned the paper’s claims,   saying he didn’t see evidence of underground lakes in the data.

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