PDF files to doc using Google Drive

How to convert PDF files to doc using Google Drive

PDF or Portable Document Format was introduced by Acrobat back in the 90s as a way to share and transfer documents which included text, images and more. In the early days of PDF, the format for Acrobat’s proprietary but in 2008 it was made as open standards allowing other software and services to view and create PDF files. However, Acrobat has still kept the ability to edit the PDF files with them and users need to buy their Adobe Acrobat Pro to do that. But there are several ways one can edit a PDF file such as copying the text from PDF file to a word file and saving it in PDF format or using any random online PDF converting website.
In case you are looking to convert any PDF file into Word or text file and edit it then there’s no need to buy the expensive Adobe Acrobat software. Google drive has a built-in feature that automatically converts all the document file format into the word or text file. Wondering how? Here’s our ready to use guide for you.
1. Pre-requisites:
  •  Active Google account
  • Working internet connection
1.Steps to follow:
  •  Visit ‘drive.google.com’
  •  Login using your Google ID and password
  •  Once logged in, click on the ‘Gear’ icon from the top-right corner
  •  Now, select the ‘Settings’ option
  •  In the general section, look for ‘Convert Upload’ option
  •  Select the option “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format”
  •  Now, upload the PDF file and wait for the upload to finish
  •  Once uploaded, look for the file and open it
  •  From the open file, click on the option ‘Open with Google Docs’

Go to Google Docs and login. Click the little upload icon (it looks like a plus button) to upload the PDF file in question (older versions had a “Create” button) Choose “File” menu within Google Docs and select the PDF file you want to convert to an editable DOC.

Note:- The PDF file might not appear as the same when converted to the Google Docs editor format.
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