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What is engineering physics

Engineering Physics is a exclusive branch of engineering development with a merger of physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and other progressive technology discussion. Better of the educational program in engineering physics have powerful attention on progressive mathematics, chemistry and physics. They are accurate too. Any of the educational program also provide intuition on material sciences, electronics, computer rule and optics besides.

Branches of physics

Physics approach the combination of element and energy. It also approach a wide variety of arrangement, about which argument have been matured that are recycled by analyst. In general, approach are experimentally tested various times before they are acknowledged as correct as a confession of nature. The theory of humanistic mechanics meticulously describes the motion of body, provided they are enough above atoms and moving at enough below the speed of light.


Statics is the branch of mechanics that is anxious with the search of loads acting on physical arrangement that do not involvement an increasing speed (a=0), but comparatively, are in static equilibrium with their climate.

The application of Newton’s second law to a structure allow:

Where daring font signal a vector that has magnitude and administration. (F) is the total of the forces alternate on the rule, (m) is the mass of the rule and( a) is the acceleration of the rule. The addition of forces will give the direction and the consequence of the acceleration will be oppositely comparable to the mass. The acceptance of static calmness of (a = 0) activate:

The addition of forces, one of which perhaps exotic, allows that unexplained to be found. besides the application of the acceptance of zero acceleration to the addition of moments acting on the arrangement activate:

M=Iα =0

Here, M is the addition of all stage acting on the arrangement, I is the stage of inertia of the mass and α = 0 the angular expedition of the adjustment, which when assumed to be zero activate:

The addition of moments, one of which perhaps anonymous, allows that anonymous to be found. These two equations composed, can be applied to solve for along two loads acting on the arrangement.

Newton’s first law, this involve that the net force and net torque on commonplace of the system is zero. The net forces equaling zero is accepted as the first condition for calmness, and the net torque equaling zero is accepted as the second condition for calmness. 

Linear and rotational dynamics

Responsibility dynamics falls bottom two rank: linear and rotational. Linear dynamics apply to body moving in a line and involves such capacity as force, mass/inertia, deracination, velocity, acceleration and momentum.


Kinematics is a branch of humanistic mechanics that characterize the motion of points, bodies, and rule of bodies without all in all the forces that begin the motion.Kinematics, as a ground of study, is often indicate to as the “geometry of motion” and is infrequently seen as a branch of mathematics.


Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics conduct atomic and molecular systems and their communication with radiation. It is planted on the conclusion that all mode of energy are discharged in discrete crew or bundles termed “quantum”. Awfully, quantum theory commonly permits only possible or statistical calculation of the observed appearance of subatomic particles, accepted in terms of wave objective.

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