What is Robotics

Robotics is an integrative branch of engineering and science that associate mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, computer science, and others. Robotics  approach the design, construction, operation, and use of robots, in addition to computer systems for their control, auditory evaluation, and information convert.

The Robots are used to develop machines that can alternate for humans and duplicate human actions. Robots can be used in many position and for great quantity of purposes, but today many are used in troubling situation, production processes, or whereabouts humans cannot survive in space. 

History of robots

The Robotics has its ancestor in the antique world. The modern concept commence to be developed with the onset of the Industrial innovation, which allowed the use of complicated mechanics, and the following introduction of electricity. This made it likely to power machines with small tight motors. The notion of a anthropoid machine was cultivated. Digitally composed industrial robots and robots using unbelievable intelligence have been fabricated since the 2000’s.

Types Of Robots

There are six main types of mechanical robots: 

  • Cartesian
  • Cylindrical
  • Delta
  • Polar
  • Articulated


Cartesian also describe oval or platform robots. Cartesian robots have three precise joints that handling the Cartesian coordinate compromise. They also may have an attached ironic to award for rotational action. The three prismatic seam deliver a definite motion onward the spindle.


Scara used in aggregation function, this attentive flexible arm for robotic assembly is principally cylindrical in design. It features two lateral seam that provide consent in one preferred smooth.


The robot has partially one rotary seam at the base and partially one lustrous seam to connect the contact. The rotary seam usage a rotational motion along the seam spindle, while the prismatic seam moves in a narrow motion. Cylindrical robots operate within a cylindrical shaped work casing.


Delta spider like robots are assembled from slaughter quadrilateral connected to a simple base. totally used in the food, narcotic, and electronic industries,mechanical, this robot formation is capable of graceful, correct progress.



Polar is spherical robots, in this composition the arm is associated to the paltry with a screw seam and a consolidation of two rotary seam and one definite seam. The base form a polar parallel arrangement and create a spherical shaped work envelope.screw


Articulated robot design appearance rotary seam and can range from smooth two seam arrangement. The arm is connected to the foundation with a screw seam. The contact in the arm are connected by rotary seam.

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