Types of Carburetors

What are the different types of carburetors

Types of Carburetors

Assorted types of carburetors are use fuel flow to engine want.

(i) Vertical or updraft,

(ii) Inverted or downdraft, and (Hi) horizontal draft

Carburetor orientation.

In an updraft carburetor the air fuel mixture flows upward. This settlement is convenient for pressure flow of fuel with low long-term height. Horizontal carburetor gives higher charge ability, being of shorter connections to the consumption assorted. It is not relevant for installation of an air filter. The downdraft carburetor get flow of the air fuel mixture in the downward control. 

Number of Barrel

Carburetors are mostly classified by the number of barrels or ventures recycled.

One barrel

The one barrel carburetor get a single outlet through which all the arrangement feed to the consumption many. Carburetor is also known as a single venture arrangement. These carburetors are commonly used on 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines.

Single-stage Two-barrel

This carburetor get two barrels and two throttles, which operate together. Since the various fuel discharge alleyway in each barrel operate at the same time, it can be treated as two numbers of single barrel carburetors sharing the same body having one air snout. The two throttle plates are mounted on the equal shaft, and operate composed. The two barrels share a simple float, choke, power system, and acceleration pump. Single-stage two-barrel carburetors as worn on many 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder engines.

Two-stage Two-barrel.

This carburetor is almost a recent improvement, It vary from the single stage two barrel design in that it’s two throttle plates work freely. The initial barrel is commonly smaller than the secondary, and shaft engine needs at low to average speeds and loads. The larger secondary barrel opens at any time basic to meet higher load requirements.

Two-stage two-barrel carburetor

Accelerator pump, the low speed, the central metering, and power rule. The secondary stage commonly has a transfer, a central metering, and a power rule. Some designs use a common choke for twain barrels. only the basic stage is choked. The secondary system supplies large capacity of rich fuel mixture for high engine power.

Carburetors assimilate mechanical connection to operate secondary throttles. In this case an air valve, considerably like a choke plate, is installed in the air nose which keeps the secondary air portion closed at full throttle low speed circumstances.

Vacuum operated secondary throttle

A two-stage two barrel carburetor is used basically on 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines and a few V8 engines. A attached or pass on piston or abstinence gives problems in the secondary work requiring alternate.


The four barrel, or quad, carburetor uses two basically barrels and two secondary barrels in a single frame. The two basically operate single stage two barrel at low to balanced engine speeds and loads. The inferior barrels open around half to three quarter throttle to add the increased fuel and airflow required for high speed work. The basically barrels contain the choke, the low speed, the high-speed, an accelerator pump and a power work. 

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