What is a Shaper Machine

Introduction of Shaper Machine

This machine is used to produce flat surfaces. The shape-er machine is a repeating type of machine that uses linear motion between the tool and the job. This process (horizontal movement of tool) scraps thin layer of material from the work piece at every stroke. The work can also be fed at desired angle in small increments.

There are many other types of shaper machine

Methodology and Process of Shaper Machine

In the shaper machine, a cutting tool is mounted on the RAM whereas the work piece is strongly held on the table. The table can also be moved in every stroke depending on its direction and settings. While returning, the tool is held free to avoid irregular cutting and tool breakage.

This is achieved by converting rotary motion into linear motion.

Parts and Diagram of a Shaper Machine

A typical arrangement of the shaper machine is shown in the diagram


All machine tools are mounted on the base. It is a hollow object made of cast iron to resist vibration. This base is very solid and rigid that can bear not only the weight of the machines and the work piece but can also bear the forces acting during the work.


Column is a Solid object made of cast iron. The main gearbox and machinery is contained within the column. On the top of it Ram and its guide ways are mounted. Column also supports the table through cross rail.


Ram is mounted on the column and moves in a linear motion repeatedly on the guide ways. The ram holds the tool post where different tools are attached.

Cross rail

Cross rail is a combination of two rods (Vertical traverse shaft & Cross feed traverse crank) with their handles and adjustments. The main purpose of cross rail is to hold the table tightly while providing desired movement in y and z axis. (Up Down & Near and Far).

Cross rail holds the table from one side while the other side of table is held through supporting rods.


Table is mounted vertically to the cross rail and is bolted on the supporting rods on the other side (horizontally). Table holds the work piece (job) with the help of vice and bolts.

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