What Is WD-40?

Here Are All The Ways It Can Change Your Life

Most people see that can of WD-40 in their house and disregard it as an ancient tool used to stop doors from squeaking.

Few people know that this industrial tool is actually a wonderfully important and useful item to have.

Most buildings and homes have a can of it locked away – and for good reason.

We outline the significance of the powerful product and how some every day uses can change your life.

Polishing Your Silver

The set of cutlery you bought a few years ago has probably seen better days. It’s not unexpected; dirt and grease can attach itself to some of your favorite kitchen items.

However, a small amount of WD-40 sprayed over your accessories can help them look as new as the day you got them.

Shoe Shining

Our sneakers often attract dirt and salt spots that can build up over time, especially in the winter.

With WD-40, the ingredients act as a solution to avoid this, and can actually turn your shoes waterproof!

It Feeds The Birds

Before we go further with this one, we don’t mean that you should feed it to your birds! WD-40 is actually a great way of protecting bird food from other animals, such as squirrels.Rub some spray on to your bird-feeder pole and they will be unable to climb up and steal it!

Toilet Cleaner

If you ever run out of conventional toilet spray to wash down the bowl, you can always grab a can of WD-40 and apply it how you usually would.In fact, it can be shown as more effective than regular toilet bowl cleaners – studies suggest it cleaners quicker and will last longer.

Removing Gum

Oh no! You’ve only gone and stepped in chewing gum in your brand new shoes. Now you’re stuck with a stick all afternoon.Once considered the kiss of death for shoes, WD-40 can be used to help soften the nuisance, in the same way it protects your shoe from salts.

Clearing Unwanted Crayons

I learned this one the hard way! One day as a child I got creative and drew on my kitchen walls.I am whipped out her WD-40 and lightly sprayed over my ‘art’ easily restoring the kitchen back to normal. Not before she took a photo for memories!

Water Stains, No More!

In the same way it prevents water and ice on shoes, the same wonder-spray can be used on windows to avoid those annoying stains often found in showers.Just incorporate this trick into your usual cleaning routine and watch the stains disappear.

 Polishing Scissors

It makes sense that WD-40 would be used to clean scissors due to its ability to restore silver, but it’s an easy thing to forget!

Next time you think of replacing your sticky scissors, just squirt a little spray on them and watch how they recover.

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